The ptc and bux sites featured on this page are well established paid to click sites which have either been paying without delay for a long period or are owned and managed by individuals or companies with an excellent track record for paying their members promptly. If you are interested in joining newer ptc sites, which are currently providing exciting opportunities to get paid to click ads and advertise, that may go on to become among the internet’s best bux sites, then click here.
  • Clixsense – This is one of the most successful and well established PTC sites on the internet. All members receive between $0.001 and 2 cents for each PTC ad clicked depending on how long the ad lasts. The number of ads available to click varies from day to day. Members can install a tool bar which shows them when there are PTC ads available for them to click. It also displays your current earnings level. I usually click at least 20 Clixsense ads every day with at least 4 ads paying 1 cent. The upgraded membership provides you with more ads to click than the free membership because advertisers choose to target their advertisements at proven buyers. The cost of the upgraded membership is $10 per year. It is well worth upgrading on Clixsense as you will make more than $17 per year from your clicks alone. However, the best thing about upgrading on Clixsense is the referral system which pays 10% commission on your referral upgrades through 8 levels. Upgraded members therefore have a huge earning potential from this PTC – click the banner to join – if you haven’t already done so!

  • Neobux – Neobux has gained a reputation for being one of the best bux sites online. As with all the PTC programs recommended on this page, Neobux provides a very reliable PTC service. Neobux provides free members with several (>30) $0.001 ads on a daily basis but ads valued at $0.005, $0.01 and even $0.02 are available on an ad hoc basis throughout the day.

  • Legacyclix – Legacyclix is backed by a well established and experienced team of online entrepreneurs and the site has already paid me many times. The ads pay between $0.01 and $0.001 and there are over 20 ads to click most days. Free members earn 50% of the value of their referral clicks. Legacyclix allows you to withdraw your earnings instantly to Paypal with a simple 2% charge.

My Current Earnings From Legacyclix

  • Link GrandLink Grand has been around for years and is a very trusted an popular ptc website . Free members’ clicks on PTC advertisements earn them $0.003 each and PTC ads which are exclusively available to members who have upgraded their accounts pay $0.006 each. The number of ads members can click varies from day to day. Upgraded Link Grand users get to click a lot more advertisements than free members. I found about 5 ads a day to click as a free member but usually click up to 20 ads a day since I upgraded, so upgrading on this reliable money making website is a good investment as you can earn a lot more cash. Members get paid 30% of the value of their referral clicks and earn 10% from referred advertising purchases.

  • Word Linx - A trusted bux site which has been around for several years and is therefore viewed as a very reliable money making website. Members receive either $0.01, $0.005 or $0.001 for each PTC ad they click and several ads are usually posted each day. Upgraded members get to click a lot more ads each day as they are given ‘verified’ status which means they are targeted by advertisers who only want verified buyers to click their ads. This PTC site is worth joining as a free member but I would definitely advise joining as an upgraded (verified buyer) member for just $10 per year to enjoy the full earning potential of this ptc.

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

  • Get Bux Today – This is a Buxscript site which I believe has being handled very well as it’s growth has been incredible. Each ad clicked earns free members $0.005 and there are several ads to click each day.

  • Bucks 247 – This is another Buxscript site which has shown impressive growth and stability. As a free member your own clicks pay up to $0.005 and you receive 50% of the earnings of up to 50 direct referrals.


  • CashnHits – This Get Paid To site allows it’s members to earn money in several different ways including paid to click, paid to sign-up, paid to read, paid to autosurf ads and ‘get paid to promote’, that is, a system where affiliates get paid each time someone clicks their referral link. As a CashnHits member you earn up to $0.015 for every ad you click and you are awarded click commissions from an unlimited number of direct referrals.

  • Jill’s Click Corner – Jill’s Click Corner has been paying it’s users to click ads and complete offers for several years and provides a reliable way to earn extra cash online both from your own activities and those of an unlimited number of direct referrals. There are several ptc ads available to click each day (usually over 120) and they usually pay between $0.0025 and $0.0005, although there are occasionally some ads which pay more. The large number of ads available to click on a daily basis means users can grow their balance by around 15 cents every day – just from their own clicks. Affiliates earn 10% of the value of their referrals’ clicks.

  • Donkey Mails – Donkey Mails has been operating successfully for several years and features several paid to click ads and paid emails each day which pay between $0.01 and $0.0001. The site enables affiliates to earn from 5 levels of referrals. The percentage of the value of referral clicks earned for each tier is as follows: 10%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1%.

Donkey Mails

  • Scarlet Clicks – Scarlet Clicks is a stable PTC site providing users with both paid to click, paid to sign up (ptsu) and paid to promote revenue streams. PTC ads pay between $0.003 and $0.0005 and there are usually about 15 ads available per day for free members. Affiliates earn from the advertising purchases and ptc ad clicks of their referrals.

  • GPT Planet – Like Scarlet Clicks, GPT (get paid to) Planet, which has the same owner, pays users for both clicking ads, signing up to offers and promoting their referral links on a PTP (paid to promote) basis. PTC ads usually pay between $0.003 and $0.0005 but can pay as much as $0.01 each. Free users earn 10% of their referrals’ earnings.

GPT Planet

  • – Adpaid usually provides it’s free members with about 4 daily 0.25 cent PTC ads. There are paid emails and surveys. This PTC website has a well earned reputation for paying and is well worth joining. You earn 10% of the value of your referrals’ PTC ad clicks as a free member.

  • You Cubez – You Cubez is an excellent PTC site with many unique characteristics which distinguish it from the other ptc websites. When you join You Cubez you get to design your own ‘cube’. This is basically a link to your chosen website and can potentially provide you with an unending flow of hits to your website (members are rewarded for clicking cubes). Rewards for clicking cubes and completing advertisers’ PTSU offers include ‘Cube Funds’, ‘Account Funds’ and real money. You can earn real money by clicking ‘cash’ cubes (PPC advertisers’ cubes) and also by increasing the value of your cubes by adding cube funds to them and then selling the cube for real money to another YC member.  This might sound a bit confusing but You Cubez  really is a unique and brilliant website for traffic and money making, definitely worth joining.

Internet marketing with a cube

  • Hits4Pay - This ‘Get Paid To’ website allows members to earn money by reading emails, awarding $0.02 for each paid email they read. When you join you are awarded a $10 bonus but the minimum cashout level  is relatively high ($25). That said, Hits4Pay is a legitimate, paying ptc site. Although it does take a a long time to reach the minimum cashout if you just click without referrals, you can do it much faster if you refer a few active members!

  • Unique Rewards – This rewards program features paid to click ads which pay $0.01 each and there are usually more than 10 a day. Cashout is relatively high ($20) but the frequency of ads and $5 join bonus enable users to reach cashout fairly quickly – especially with active referrals.

UniqueRewards - online rewards program

  • Rewarding Ways – This Get Paid To program features several ptc ads which pay out $0.01 each and plenty of surveys and tasks to complete for advertisers which pay considerably more. You are also rewarded for the activities of a potentially unlimited number of direct referrals.

  • – This is another GPT site from the creators of Rewarding Ways and members earn money from the same types of activities, that is, clicking ads, doing surveys and tasks and referring other people to Super Pay – which enables them to receive 25% of the revenue of an unlimited number of direct referrals.

  • Click Fair – Clickfair is the most recent website to be created by 99 Ventures Ltd., who are also the owners of Superpay and Rewarding Ways. Members earn money by clicking PTC ads and are also paid to sign up for free offers (PTSU). PTC ads pay between $0.001 and $0.02 and there are typically 11 or more ads a day. As an affiliate you 50% of the earnings of an unlimited number of direct referrals.

  • Cashle – This GPT website pays users to complete surveys, do quizzes, play games and complete other free offers for their advertisers. The budget spent by advertisers is shared among the members. Some offers are completed for cash and some yield points which can be used to claim prizes from the Points2Shop Amazon reward gallery. You are rewarded $0.50 when any referral confirms their email address and $0.50 when they complete their first offer. You also earn a percentage of your referrals’ earnings through 3 levels; 15%, 3% and 2% being the portions of referral earnings you receive for referrals in each level of the tiers 1 to 3 respectively. The Amazon reward gallery is restricted to members based in the US, Canada & the UK.

  • Quick Rewards – This ‘Get Paid To’ website has been paying it’s users regularly for a number of years and allows people from the US, UK & Canada to earn money for several tasks including completing surveys, reading emails, playing games, completing offers and visiting websites. You also earn 5% of the amount your referrals earn from their activities.

  • Fair Trade Traffic – Fair Trade Traffic is a traffic exchange with a ptc twist. Whilst the site is essentially a traffic exchange, members also receive cash prizes whilst surfing which are awarded very regularly. Another really cool thing about this site is that you also make money whilst you are promoting. You get $0.20 for every 1000 hits you send to your referral link.

Fair Trade Traffic

  • Easy Hits 4U – Easy Hits 4U, like Fair Trade Traffic, is a traffic exchange which pays surfers cash rewards for being active. For every active referral you recruit, you receive $0.10 and you also receive $0.30 for every 1000 sites you surf. The good thing about Cash Traffic Exchanges is that you get traffic as well as cash for your clicks, which I think is a great combination. You can use the traffic to promote other traffic exchanges, ptc sites and online earning websites whilst getting paid at the same time. Everyone’s a winner!

Easy Hits 4U

  • Booming Website Traffic – Booming Website Traffic is another traffic exchange which pays surfers for visiting websites. Free members earn $0.20 for every 1000 websites they visit. Additionally, new members are given $2 after activating their account by surfing 100 sites and a $1 cash bonus is awarded for each active new member they refer.

  • Explosive Traffic – Explosive Traffic is essentially a viral traffic generation system which allows it’s users to display their websites at a large number of different traffic exchanges without the necessity of becoming a member of any of them. The way it works is this – members assign credits they have earned at any traffic exchange they use to their rotator links which display other members’ websites under a top banner at that traffic exchange and in return the member earns Explosive Traffic credits which allow them to display their website across a network of thousands of traffic exchanges thereby exponentially increasing their marketing reach. However, the site also features an opportunity for traffic exchange users to turn their credits into cold hard cash. You can change your account setting to cash agent which allows you to earn cash rather than credits for sending traffic exchange hits to your rotator link. You earn a set amount for unique hits, repeat hits and bonus hits. Bonus hits from selected traffic exchanges (updated weekly) pay over $0.01 for every 5 hits generated so this is a great program for getting some extra money quickly.

explosive traffic

  • Ad Click Media – This is a pay per click affiliate program rather than a bux or ptc site but it still pays you for clicks on ads featured on your websites. Ad Click Media pays it’s publishers a varying amount for each click, generally between $0.05 & $0.40 (the amount is determined by 50% of the advertiser click bid) and allows them to earn money from banner ads and photo/text ads on their websites along with interstitial ads (whereby a visitor is directed to an advertiser’s site after clicking on a link on the publisher’s website, before being redirected back to the original link destination). Affiliates of ACM also receive 10% of their publisher referrals’ earnings and 50% of their advertiser referrals’ click bids.